7 Beginner Yoga Fails

Yoga Fails

Yoga exercises are typically challenging for the unskilled. Being new in a yoga class is similar to getting into a whole new dimension— however, here’s a guideline of how to manage yoga class like an expert yogi and the blunders that numerous beginners make that you ought to clearly stay away from. Having Your Sneakers On […]

7 Yoga Tips for Plus Size Yoga Practioners

Plus Size Yoga

Yoga can work perfectly for just about anybody. But the truth is you wouldn’t understand that from checking typical ads for yoga outfits and equipment which consistently tend to display the same slim body repeatedly making those with plus size bodies turn far from the practice thinking they don’t have the perfect yoga body. But […]

Yoga Balance for Senior Longevity

Yoga Balance

Maintaining balance is necessary as people grow old, the rate of seniors falling nationally is alarming. Falling is also the major cause of death by injury among seniors hence, Balance poses are extremely important for seniors in yoga practice as it helps them build a sustainable capacity to maintain balance. It is advisable for seniors […]

3 Restorative Yoga Poses to Help Heal Trauma

Restorative Yoga Poses

The outcomes of distressing and extremely troubling memories can be devastating to our overall health and wellbeing and destructive to our emotional stability. Regardless of the fact that traumatic warning signs in many cases are a true reaction to the experience of an unhealthy event, a stigma always exists for people who are affected. The […]

Festival of Yoga San Diego Is Here!

Festival of Yoga San Diego

San Diego, California -Baja inspired yoga fitness brand Baja Stretch is pleased to announce its participation in this year’s Annual Festival of Yoga San Diego. Organized by Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga, this year’s festival will be one of San Diego’s largest yoga festivals in celebration of the United Nations International Day of Yoga! The […]

What the Heck is Goat Yoga and Why You Want to Try It!

Goat Yoga

You’ve probably got word of some outrageous fitness trends these days, yet this one takes the cake. We’ve all heard of a variety of yoga exercises like anti-gravity yoga and lots more. Now goats are also getting right on the scene of the action. Goat yoga is an exercise, but not as you’ll think. The […]

Yoga for Better Posture

Yoga Poses

Kyphosis is usually a lifetime health deformity. But don’t be worried or get depressed over this condition. When you practice a number of selected yoga poses for better posture on a daily basis – you could possibly cut down the intensity of your problem Kyphosis typically describes an overstated rounding of the back. It is […]