7 Yoga Tips for Plus Size Yoga Practioners

Plus Size Yoga

Yoga can work perfectly for just about anybody. But the truth is you wouldn’t understand that from checking typical ads for yoga outfits and equipment which consistently tend to display the same slim body repeatedly making those with plus size bodies turn far from the practice thinking they don’t have the perfect yoga body.

But there is nothing a plus size yoga person can’t do, with some very simple adjustments, to completely access the powerful benefits of Yoga practice.

Keep reading for simple ways to make yoga work for your body, no matter your size.

Don’t hesitate to modify poses

In yoga a class it’s quite easy to feel pushed or pressured to perform the most sophisticated type of pose. But the simple truth is that there is no perfect type of a pose, there’s simply just the type that works well for you—the one which helps you get the benefits associated with a certain stretch without distressing or harming your body. Hence don’t hesitate to change poses to perfectly suit your body.

It’s as well Fine to bypass some poses

It’s completely fine to change if you find simple poses that are not good enough for you. When you’re over weight and performing certain postures, like inversions – these and others might not be beneficial for plus size yoga. However it doesn’t mean you can’t get the same advantages from performing something different. For instance, if you’re uneasy in shoulder stand, attempt lying on your back putting your legs against the wall.

Pay attention to your body

Whenever you’re practicing yoga, pay attention to what your body is hinting. If a pose seems like a good challenging stretch, that’s great. But if it really hurts, draw back or change the pose.

Look for a teacher who works best for your needs

Any yoga teacher can modify his or her teaching to suit a number of body types. With a bit of luck, you’ll get a fantastic teacher on the first go, but do not get frustrated if it taking a few attempts to find the teacher who is best for you.

Make use of props!

Yoga studios have a great deal of props to select from, which includes blankets, blocks, bolsters and so on. If you’re practicing in your own home, you can use stuff around your home. Props are awesome because they can help you perform poses that might be impossible for you.

Look for classes and videos designed to people with bigger bodies

A number of yoga studios offer classes particularly for bigger people, and you can even find some whole studios that focus on a plus-sized people. In addition there is an assortment of other resources with advice for plus size yogis.

Try out different types of yoga

There are numerous types of practice suitable for plus size yoga, ranging from blood-pumping to meditative gentle yoga. Spend some time to check out diverse styles and see what is best suited for you.

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