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8 Tips to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Yoga Practice

Your Practice has lots of advantages when done correctly. However, if poses done during your practice are done in an incorrect manner, Yoga Asanas can result in a lot of complications and inflict pain and injury. It is important to improve and correct your practice and perform poses the right way. Stick to these Yoga […]

The Best Expo for Yoga Los Angeles Event Is Officially Here!

Yoga Los Angeles

The best Expo for Yoga Los Angeles for 2016 is officially here, and Baja Stretch, a fashion line dedicated to yoga gear, wear and accessories that are comfortable & affordable – is set to make its debut at the show! Taking place on Dec 12th, 2016, at the Los Angeles Convention Center – The Expo is intended […]

The Top 10 Fears of Yoga Newbies

Yoga For Newbies

Is yoga for newbies as well as medium to advanced level yogis? Why is there so much stress that goes with starting yoga! How does a first time practitioner get past all that anxiety? You may worry – “I’m Not Flexible!” You don’t need to be! Every class has people at different levels of flexibility. Everyone […]

Yoga Tips for New Yogis and What You Should Know

Yoga Tips

If you are completely new to yoga, you might have a number of queries about the practice, such as the clothes to put on, items to take to class as well as the best way to get prepared. Understanding what’s required and what precisely works in advance can help you have an awesome experience doing yoga. […]

7 Beginner Yoga Fails

Yoga Fails

Yoga exercises are typically challenging for the unskilled. Being new in a yoga class is similar to getting into a whole new dimension— however, here’s a guideline of how to manage yoga class like an expert yogi and the blunders that numerous beginners make that you ought to clearly stay away from. Having Your Sneakers On […]

7 Yoga Tips for Plus Size Yoga Practioners

Plus Size Yoga

Yoga can work perfectly for just about anybody. But the truth is you wouldn’t understand that from checking typical ads for yoga outfits and equipment which consistently tend to display the same slim body repeatedly making those with plus size bodies turn far from the practice thinking they don’t have the perfect yoga body. But […]

What the Heck is Goat Yoga and Why You Want to Try It!

Goat Yoga

You’ve probably got word of some outrageous fitness trends these days, yet this one takes the cake. We’ve all heard of a variety of yoga exercises like anti-gravity yoga and lots more. Now goats are also getting right on the scene of the action. Goat yoga is an exercise, but not as you’ll think. The […]