Yoga Balance for Senior Longevity

Yoga Balance

Maintaining balance is necessary as people grow old, the rate of seniors falling nationally is alarming. Falling is also the major cause of death by injury among seniors hence, Balance poses are extremely important for seniors in yoga practice as it helps them build a sustainable capacity to maintain balance.

It is advisable for seniors to try out balancing postures using props or wall support before making advancement to the traditional yoga pose.

Here are a few Tips for keeping great Balance

Incorporate balance poses to your Yoga Practice

It’s a smart idea for senior who regularly practice yoga to incorporate several balance poses in each and every active practice. But to stay away from accidental injuries or overdo, ensure you carefully scrutinize the balance poses you practice.

Hold the Yoga Poses for long

Maintain your balance poses until your leg start quivering or the part of the body supporting your practice and relax for some seconds before doing it again. In cases where you are only capable of doing 10- to 30-second holds, take a break and replicate the pose one more time.

High angle view of senior woman with hands clasped meditating in park

Balance Your Yoga Practice

For enhancing balance, it’s vital that you practice an assortment of balance poses in addition to strength and agility yoga poses. So ensure you practice a wide selection of poses on a regular basis as opposed to just carrying out the regular poses you are used to on a daily basis.


Maintaining consciousness as you practice yoga balance—rather than simply throwing yourself into a balance yoga pose would greatly help you develop, it is best to particularly practice poses that are convenient enough in order to practice them thoughtfully. While you practice, concentrate on your experiences of being on and off balance and possibly create any skillful adjustments to make yourself stable. While you proceed with the easier poses you could progressively put in some harder poses or versions with time.

To build your proprioception, spend some time to sense your own alignment in each and every single yoga pose that you practice. The more you bring your mind to it, the less complicated it is going to be to sense that area and ultimately move it.

Happy senior woman relaxing in autumn at park

Mental Concentration in Yoga

Doing balance yoga poses conditions your mind when you return your focus repeatedly to maintaining balance. You observe moving sensations—the feeling of being on or off balance—and anytime extraneous thought take you off from your movements. Nevertheless, in case you are experiencing difficulty focusing, it is possible to meditate and practice structured breathing practices to develop your mental concentration which benefit your balance both inside and outside the studio.

Task Yourself

It’s vital that you consistently challenge your balance and proceed to the edge of stability. This can be achieved by a mixture of several yoga poses, the way you use your vision, the kind of surface you balance on, as well as the level of distraction and disturbance that’s in your environment.

Vary Your Yoga Poses

After beginning with simple static poses and lively sequences, add more demanding yoga poses and practices. After that, look for new poses or different versions, create brand new versions of active poses for yoga balance, or perhaps come up with your own balance poses.

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