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The 1st Annual Yoga-A-Thon Is Here!

Event to take place this Saturday, at The Point in San Diego San Diego, California – Baja Mexico based yoga fitness brand Baja Stretch is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the 1st Annual Yoga-A-Thon. Founder Tanya Schroeder, in collaboration with Yoga with Shawna and Strong Tree Yoga, will host a continuous class of yoga […]

Baja Stretch To Sponsor She Recovers Yoga & Connection Event

Organization: Baja Stretch Media Media Contact: Sheva Telephone: (844) 840-3333 Email: Baja Stretch to Sponsor Yoga & Connection in Los Angeles One-day event to host women seeking recovery from life challenges to, for a day of radical self-care and connection As part of their mission to give back to the community & support worthwhile […]

8 Tips to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Yoga has lots of advantages when done correctly. However, if done in an incorrect manner, Yoga Asanas can result in a lot of complications and inflict pain and injury. It is important to improve and correct your yoga practice and perform poses the right way. Stick to the Yoga Tips towards a greater health and […]

Baja Stretch Yoga Fitness & Lifestyle Wear To Be Featured At The 2016 Yoga Expo Los Angeles

Baja Stretch, a Fitness & Lifestyle Wear brand makes its fashion debut at the Buy My Yoga Booth at the Los Angeles Yoga Expo (23rd Oct 2016, Los Angeles) Baja Stretch, a fashion line dedicated to durable yoga gear, accessories and comfortable & wearable athletic wear – is set to make its debut at the […]

The Top 10 Fears of Yoga Newbies & How to Get Over Them

“I’m Not Flexible!” You don’t need to be! Every yoga class has people at different levels of flexibility. Everyone has different figure and some are obviously more flexible than others. A regular yoga practice, over time can help you become more limber. “I’m Likely to Fart in Class!” This is everyone’s greatest fear and sadly it never […]

10 Foods to enhance your Yoga Practice

Loving your practice, but wishing there was a way to increase your flexibility, improve your focus, and enjoy other benefits on and off the mat? Here is a selection of ten foods to that will give you these benefits by increasing your fiber, protein and bone health – and are simple to integrate into your eating […]

7 Yoga Poses That Burn the Most Calories

Many people think yoga is just one of those easy workouts. They wrongly assume that chanting and stretching can only put one in a meditative state of mind, but would not melt fat away. The truth is Yoga is equal parts strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Yoga can torch anywhere from 180 to 600 calories […]

Find the Right Yoga for You

Countless variations and hybrids of yoga are finding their way into studios and gyms globally. As a novice or even seasoned practitioner, how can you tell if the option you’ve chosen is the most suitable for you? This fun and revealing guide will help you pick the right class. How to Find Your Yoga Style […]

Tips Before You Decide to Start Yoga

If you are completely new to yoga, you might have a number of queries about the practice, such as the clothes to put on, items to take to class as well as the best way to get prepared. Understanding what’s required and what precisely works in advance can help you have an awesome experience doing yoga. […]

7 tips on how to do yoga at home

Wouldn’t you like to routinely practice yoga in the comfort of your home? A consistent yoga practice might seem like a daunting task but here are a few ideas to help you make a start. Create a good space for your home practice It a great idea to set aside a special room in your […]