Baja Stretch To Sponsor She Recovers Yoga & Connection Event

Organization: Baja Stretch Media

Media Contact: Sheva

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Baja Stretch to Sponsor Yoga & Connection in Los Angeles

One-day event to host women seeking recovery from life challenges to, for a day of radical self-care and connection

As part of their mission to give back to the community & support worthwhile causes, Baja Stretch will sponsor a She Recovers Yoga & Connection Workshop being held in Los Angeles this Sunday Oct 22nd from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm. The event will be hosted at the Skyline Penthouse. Hosted by She Recovers, an organization devoted to helping women recover from substance abuse disorder & other life challenges, the day will feature a Hatha practice for the purpose of bringing women together for an afternoon of self-care & connection. The afternoon will also include a conversation with New York Times Best Selling Author Anna David, and Executive Director of The Center for Open Recovery – Fay Zenoff.

About She Recovers

Dawn Nickel (PhD) and Taryn Strong (RYT) are the co-creators of the popular online and in-real-life recovery community She Recovers. Founded in 2011, She Recovers is now the largest female cyber-recovery community in North America. In addition to holding an inspiring and healing online space for over 260,000 people (90% female) on Facebook, She Recovers has established a successful international yoga and recovery retreat, workshop and event program, as well as a recovery coach certification program.

For more information, Visit: 10:30am-3:30pm October 22, 2017.

About Baja Stretch

Baja Stretch is devoted to creating a lifestyle brand that supports a positive image of women, men & children. Through partnering with organizations which mesh with their mission – they hope to align with these causes to encourage the prosperity of individuals and their communities. Through living a yogic life, the hope is to transform lives through the sense of wellbeing and health benefits which yoga provides.

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